Here is a list of other related NGOs, programs and companies in this space that we know about:

Barcelona Digital Talent: We aim to fight the digital talent gap in order to promote market competitiveness. We want to position Barcelona as a talent capital and, to achieve this, we are committed to training in digital skills and attracting new digital talent to the city. Check out their BCN Inclusive Coding program here.

Fundació Bofill The Fundació Bofill is a non-profit organization created in 1969 with the goal of promoting the transformation and social change of our country. We are a research and proposal laboratory focused on the field of education that we work to promote research, debates and initiatives to generate educational opportunities and combat social inequalities.

Data for Good Barcelona: We bring the expertise of data professionals to the service of NGOs to achieve positive social impact.

4Social: We accelerate digital transformation focused on people care, contributing to the empowerment of citizens and social organizations.

Fundació Esplai: Nuestra misión es la de promover el empoderamiento ciudadano y su compromiso con la mejora de la sociedad, desde la perspectiva de los derechos, la inclusión y la transformación social, con una especial dedicación a fomentar la participación de la juventud. La llevamos a cabo mediante la intervención social comunitaria, la acción socioeducativa y la inclusión en el ámbito de las TIC trabajando en red con el Tercer Sector y el resto de agentes sociales.

Fundación Exit: The mission of Fundación Exit is to reduce the school dropout rates of at-risk youth by implementing scalable and innovative training projects that offer an itinerary and add value to companies while promoting networking and job placement.

Giga (Unicef, Office of Innovation): Connecting Every School to the Internet.

Fundación Privada Nous Cims: We are a BCN-based NGO that creates and develops innovative, transformative and sustainable social projects in the fields of employability, emotional well-being and global development with the aim of impacting the most vulnerable people, especially women, youth and children, both here and in emerging countries.

OIFem: We organize contests on algorithmic programming for female students in high school. Winners can represent Spain in the Female Computer Science Olympics.

Prometeus: We are a program that ensures that young people from public schools in the most vulnerable neighborhoods of Barcelona can access university and pursue higher studies successfully.

CampusRom, Roma University Network: We support and bring together Roma university students to achieve higher university enrollment in the future for Roma people.

Lutravioleta: Lultravioleta vibra amb la ciència, la tecnologia, l’enginyeria, l’art i les matemàtiques, en definitiva, amb les STEAM. Lutravioleta transmet aquesta passió als infants, joves i adults tot recuperant històries de dones científiques d’arreu per experimentar, tocar, jugar i divertir-se mentre aprenem!

NASCO: Our objective: feeding minds. With your donation, we build computer classrooms in rural schools in Ghana and we provide solutions to the immigration problem in the origin country.

Other Companies we are in contact with:

CodeOp: CodeOp was founded in 2018 to help solve the gender disparity in tech. From Barcelona to London, we’re 100% focused on supporting women, trans and gender non-conforming individuals who want to transition to, or upskill in tech. We are a circular economy marketplace to sell, rent or exchange goods for a second (or third) life.

InnovaMat: The k-8 math curriculum you will love.

IronHack: Immersive Bootcamps in Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity. Supercharge your career and join a global network of next-generation tech leaders.

Nuclio: We offer the most compressive digital training with Master’s degrees and specialized intensive courses in Data Science, Digital Product Manager, UX / UI Design, and Digital Marketing via streaming.

Science Bits: Teach and Learn Science by Doing Science: Science Bits is a research-based science curriculum designed to enhance learning with understanding.