We support young STEM students in need

Last year we donated 45,000€ to 7 NGOs

Helped 200+ students in high-complexity schools

186 members supporting our cause


On June 2019 we launched FriquiFund Barcelona with the mission of supporting budding geeks (friquis, in Spanish) in developing their careers.

Over the last 4 years we have donated ~70,000€ to 7 NGOs supporting young STEM students in need. We also run a Mentoring program, and an Internships program to help the students find the right place to do internships. We organize fundraising talks on STEM topics in order to support our cause, and we partner with local NGOs to motivate, inspire and explain STEM to underprivileged youngsters (see our 2023 Year in Review).

Today we are 186 members, mainly people in the IT/Engineering/Sciences profession with a strong attachment to Barcelona (either physical or emotional…). You can see the full list here.


Our Mission: FriquiFund was born with the mission to help young underprivileged geeks in developing their careers. Geeks (Friqui in Spanish) is understood in a very narrow sense as: “people interested in pursuing careers in STEM”. FriquiFund members are all professionals related to the STEM world, grateful to have had the opportunity to do what they love, and willing to donate time and money to our mission.

Our Approach: We support NGOs which help young underprivileged geeks: with cash donations, scolarships, networking (internships, teachers, jobs), talks, mentoring and others. We want to contribute towards the education costs of technical students in need and, beyond this, help them with our time, experience and network, help motivate them through their studies and help them land good jobs and grow into forces of change.

  • We collaborate with seven NGOs: AEIRaval, IRES, MigraCode, Scientia, BarcelonaActua, eXplorium and Factoria F5. Check them out in our Efforts page.
  • We run a Mentorship program.
  • We organize fundraising Talks with industry-experts on STEM topics to raise money towards our mission.
  • We hold plenary meetings four times per year.

Want to find more about what we do? check our News page.