Do you like tech but are unsure what to study?

Are you studying and looking for your first internship?

Have you finished your studies and need help figuring out where to start looking for a job?

Do you have questions about a technology-related topic and want someone expert to guide you?

Need help passing a STEM subject?

Our mentoring program is led by Friquifund members with years of experience working in STEM-related jobs (Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Engineering, etc.) willing to guide you.

You choose the frequency that best suits your availability and needs: from an informal chat every two months to more pressing sessions every week!

With your mentor, you can discuss topics such as:

  • Overview of tech space careers
  • Subject related questions
  • The ecosystem of companies hiring tech talent in BCN
  • How to find internships or job positions
  • How to learn more about a particular tech topic
  • Skills and capabilities needed to thrive in tech
  • How to expand your network of tech people
  • And many more!

Contact us using the form below and we’ll assign a FriquiFund mentor to you: